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Devotion Take Away

I am on my second read through of the Sun Stand Still Devotion by Steven Furtick.  Love~Love~Love it! 

I have read this day’s devotion before, but I took something different from it this time…here is what it says:

Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near,” Isaiah says (verse 6) Of course we should pray boldly for what we think is best.  That’s at the heart of the Sun Stand Still experience.  But let’s have 
enough humility to realize that sometimes God’s will is
 not going to be what we expect, or when or how.

What we have audacious faith for, ultimately is God’s plan, not our own.

That brought me back to reality!  First, I have to say that just about everything I have read or listened to this last week or so talked about humility!  Whoops, you know that thing where you should be humble, have a modest opinion of yourself, try not to think of yourself as more important than you are.  Yep, I’ve put myself on a personal pedestal the last few weeks okay, month or so.  God has a plan for me, he has planted a dream and a passion in my heart and instead of being ‘still’ and waiting on Him, I’ve forged ahead and am trying to make it my own. That means that I know better than God…and people, that is the total opposite of humility. I’ve been discouraged, thought of abandoning it all and even decided God hadn’t really planted that dream on my heart. But, when I read this morning’s devotion I knew what the problem really was, I needed to step back and settle into God’s perfect timing. Quite forging ahead of Him. Instead of being discouraged because it’s not going my way, be still and trust Him to know His way is best!

I can look back over the last few weeks and see times God has used me and I know that each of those times is a stepping stone to the purpose and plan He has for me.

Today I am asking God to help me walk on His path and in His timing, for His plan for my life. When I do veer off His path, that I will be quickly humbled and get back in step with Him.

Humbly His!

Fear of the Lord teaches wisdom;
humility precedes honor.
Proverbs 15:33 NLT

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