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One of my flaws….

Are you like me? Do you struggle with contentment?  I think we all do in some area of our life.  I don’t struggle with wanting more things or more money.  I struggle with being content with where I am on the way to where I am going! It’s actually been a major flaw in my life for a while. If I could only be God’s navigator, I would get there so much sooner! Yes, you’re right, that is not biblical….and I know that.  However, I find myself trying to map out my life for God, when he already has it mapped out. He only wants me to trust him to get me there in his timing and not mine.

During my lunch today I thought I would watch one of the messages from our Live Free series that I missed while out of town. It is called The Secret to Contentment. Yep…it was written for me. Made me squirm a little, but I did gain some much needed information on learning to be content.  I think you should give it a listen!  Go ahead, check it out, pretty certain you’ll learn something about being content in all circumstances! 

Here are a few nuggets I wrote down:

  • Contentment has nothing to do with your circumstances and everything to do with your perspective.  It is not external, but internal.
  • If you’re not content where you are, you’ll never be content with where you’re not.
  • 3 words to say everyday…Praise the Lord!  It says, I am content.
  • Rejoice in the Lord always~Philippians 4:4
  • You have to learn to be content, it’s not something you’re born with. I Tim 6:6-10

So, here I am…learning to be content with where I am, on the road to where I am going…allowing God to be the navigator. Pray for me!



But godliness with contentment is great gain.
 I Timothy 6:6

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