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Come Away

I downloaded the latest Jesus Culture album, Come Away, this morning….listened to it while I was getting ready for work…and HAD CHURCH. Crazy in love with this group and their hearts to take you into the presence of God through their music. I already loved this band before this album, but now I love, love, love them.  I would love to attend a concert…be in the space where they are encountering God through their worship. In the meantime, I will listen to it and encounter God where I am!

If you haven’t heard it you can click the Come Away link above and give it a listen. Then run, don’t walk, to your favorite store or your iTunes account and get it.

Here are the lyrics for the title song…’s on repeat on my Ipod right now!

Come away with me, Come away with me

It’s never too late, it’s not too late

It’s not too late for you
I have a plan for you
I have a plan for you
It’s gonna be wild
It’s gonna be great
It’s gonna be full of me
Open up your heart and let me in

Of course, they are all good, but you will have to see that for yourself. Keith’s fav this morning was Freedom Reigns. Check it out!

Opening up my heart and letting Him in!


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