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Saturday Eve

This is one of my favorite days…it’s the start of  the weekend and this one promises to be relaxing.  Our biggest plans are to finish watching the final 2 seasons of 24 because the new season begins on Monday! Oh my, we have a lot to watch….so date night (tonight) is going to be a 24 (Jack Bauer) marathon!  Ha!  We are excited for the new season and will be ‘celebrating’ and watching with some friends on Monday!  Par-tee!

My Friday Fav this week is this picture of our 25th Anniversary vow renewal 5 years ago.  I posted it for my #tbt on Instagram yesterday and the memories of that day made me smile all day long! If you did the math you realize this year we will be married 30~t.h.i.r.t.y~ years. It doesn’t seem possible! Time flies when you are having fun!  And I am pretty sure I am not old enough! I love this man and am blessed to have him in my life!

Whatever is good and perfect comes 
down to us from God our Father~
James 1:17a

Happy Saturday Eve!

Have a good one!


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