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When I was in junior high a Nun spoke to our Catechism class about her time in the mission field.  I don’t remember where she served, but I remember that most of her time was spent in an area where the villagers lived in grass huts. I was very intrigued with her stories, her desire to help others, teach them about God and a little excited to live in a grass hut.  I proudly announced to my Mom on our way home that day that I was going to be a missionary. 

Several years later in high school, I enrolled in Cosmetology and decided that I wanted to be a ‘beautician’. When I mentioned this to my Mom she reminded me that I was going to be a missionary.  Oh, yea, I was going to be a missionary..but, now I wanted to fix hair…so she said I could be the mission beautician!  We laughed about it…actually still makes me chuckle a little bit.

Sadly I ended up not doing either.

Or did I?

Last night during a meeting about our upcoming 3rd campus launch our Pastor read this scripture:

“The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields”. 

Luke 10:2

The evening brought back my memory of being a missionary….all these years I thought it was just a child’s dream, and maybe it was all those years ago. However, this adult woman has that same desire and passion, to see lives changed for Christ. I may not be living in a foreign country,or in a grass hut, but we are being sent out into the fields to serve others and tell them about God, right here in Oklahoma City. The harvest is plentiful…..

Keith and I made the decision to be a part of Peoples Church over 11 years ago because the heart of this church is to see people come to Christ, to reach outside of our 4 walls and draw them into a relationship with God. 

I don’t fix hair…but if you want to be a guinea pig, I’d be happy to give it a try!

However, I am a missionary…working the fields of Oklahoma City along side my Handsome Man and thousands from our church. Our hearts are to serve our church and our community. The harvest is plentiful…..

I am praying God will give you the same desire to serve the fields in your city, your church, to see lives changed for Him.

The harvest is plentiful…


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