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Home Alone

Raise your hand if you had a great holiday weekend? 

Oh, Oh, pick me, pick me! 
I had a great weekend.  I had 4 days all to myself…. for some that doesn’t sound like much fun, but this lady needed some ‘me’ time!  I didn’t have to do anything for anyone except for myself…and the dog…but she is pretty much low maintenance. She only required food twice a day,trips outside to do her business and her blankets to be fluffed. I can handle that!

I had lunch with a friend, dinner with the kids, FaceTime with my sister (for several hours, everyday), cleaned out some closets & cabinets and caught up on some TV.  

I also finally got a veggie garden going!  I have wanted a garden for the last few years, but never took the time to put one in.  I found one on Pinterest that peaked my interest. My Handsome Hunk and I went to the store to get the cinder blocks and all the many bags of ‘stuff’ you need to have healthy soil.  All organic! That’s the way I wanted it.  He helped me lug the blocks & bags of ‘stuff’ around to the backyard and lay them out.  I mixed the soil and planted the plants all by myself…and the muscles in my back and arms can testify to that.

Here is my finished garden. So easy to do! I planted tomatoes, green and red peppers, strawberries, chives, basil, oregano, cilantro, parsley, mint and rosemary. I have already used some of the herbs in recipes this week and the strawberries have buds!  I am so excited.  I am already planning an expansion for next year….corn, carrots, and cucumbers! 

My weekend was quiet and relaxing…..but I was so happy when my Handsome Hunk got home.  A little bit of quiet goes a long way…

Hope your holiday weekend was all you wanted it to be!


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