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Goodbye May

Well, May is under our belt and now we venture into June.  

Summer will officially be here on the 21st, but I imagine it will be hot long before then and the date will come and go without much notice. 

For all the kids who are out of school right now…summer started on that last day of school. 

For me, summer started when I could turn on my air conditioner and dig out the flip flops. Which means it’s also pedicure season! My toes perfer the naked and natural look during the winter months.

My June calendar is pretty full, but it is all fun things…well, except for the dental appointment for a crown.  No root canal, just an old filling, nothing a little nitrous won’t help!  But, that’s only a little bump in my grand plans for June.

We have a wedding right around the corner…more about that later! 

We are involved in the launch of the 3rd Peoples Church campus.  We are bringing a campus to the NW side of OKC and it is set for August…I will keep you updated.

We are preparing to have my Mom visit for the summer. Trying to plan fun things to do while she is here.

I hope you had a wonderful May and that June is filled with great summer plans.

Happy for Flip Flop season!


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