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Moments that make me smile

Last Friday our daughter and granddaughters spent the night, yay for faulty air conditioners! Rylee slept with Nana and Papa…yes, I was over-the-top happy about that.  There is going to be a day when she is ‘too old’ to do that and I take advantage of every moment til that day arrives.

We enjoyed some hammock time, I showed them my veggie garden and we spent some time catching up.  

Jaedyn played waitress and delivered up some yummy make believe food!

It was good to chat with Michele and get caught up on wedding plans and all the things we still have to do and the little amount of time we have left! (trying not to panic)

We finished out our evening with the movie Soul Surfer…their suggestion, not ours, along with several buckets of yummy buttery popcorn.  They have both seen this movie before, but Jaedyn is quite interested in the movie and Bethany’s story, so she was happy when Papa made a quick run to the video store to get it.

Saturday morning Rylee and I enjoyed some snuggle and quiet time on the couch with Molly. Molly loves when the little people visit.  We talked about a lot of things and just enjoyed some time together. I was getting up to get another cup of coffee and she asked if she could have some ‘coffee’ too.  We used to do this a few years ago when I was helping out with getting them to school. Made me smile!

I enjoyed the time we had together, but I have to say that my coffee time with Rylee is tucked away in my Nana Memories archives!

Blessed to be a Nana!


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