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Going to the chapel..

Yesterday our son, Matt and his beautiful wife, Christy celebrated 9 years of marriage. I can’t believe that much time has past!
It was a beautiful ceremony in Stubblefield Chapel on the grounds of OBU where Christy was attending college.  What a gorgeous old chapel, with tons of character in the old pews, the pipe organ and the stained glass windows. There was also no air conditioning and it was mid June! However,   I don’t remember that being too much of an issue except when the Mom’s and sisters were gathered in the brides room.  Lots of warmth in there , from the heart and the heat! 
Such sweet memories of their wedding day, but even sweeter memories over these last 9 years as we have watched them build their life together.

It was a beautiful day of memory making with family and friends.

Here we are 9 years later and they have grown into a family of 4. It’s been wonderful watching them grow into this little family. Seems like only yesterday Matt was a little boy and here he is a Husband and Father.  Makes my heart smile when I think about the life they are building, their humble beginning and all that is in ahead for them. 

Their journey has only begun and the best is yet to come!
Happy Anniversary Matt & Christy! 

We love you both so much!

Mom & Dad

AKA Winnie & Keith  🙂

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