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First Things First

First Things First is an email devotion by Christine Caine that I receive in my email each morning. Her words are always encouraging and challenging; they push me towards becoming all He has purposed and planned for me.

This is from earlier this week, but I found it encouraging and challenging.   Definitely worth sharing!!

One year for my birthday I got the most wonderful, bright pink Vespa, which I absolutely adore, and Nick booked me on a riding course to ensure that I learned to drive the thing safely! The course was spread over two days, and the whole time the instructor kept telling me, “Keep your head up. You’ve got to look in the direction you want to go.”

When it comes to the purposes of God, our instructions are no different! It’s all about perspective. Many of us are locked in the prison of our current circumstances because we have lost perspective regarding His promises for our lives.

We need to lift our heads and look forward in the direction in which we want to go. God has a promise for our future that is much greater than where we are right now. He has promises for our marriages, our children, our health and prosperity – every aspect of our lives – all of which are much bigger than we can currently see or understand. We need to look up and begin to see what God has for us, because He has so much more!

Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you. (Proverbs 4:25)

Look up! Set your gaze directly before you……


If you are interested in receiving Christine Caine’s First Things First devotional in your email click here.

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