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Here Ye! Here Ye!

Our 1st born Princess, Rylee Alisabeth, is 9!

This little girl is definitely a blessing to us and all those who know her.

She is sweet and kind.

She has the biggest, brightest smile ever.

Her favorite color is purple and favorite number is 3.

You can catch her turning cartwheels in any open area. 

I learned last night that she loves being the 1st born grandchild. ūüôā

She loves watching Little House on the Prairie & reading Little House in the Big Woods chapter books.

Her favorite play time activity is playing school and yes, she is ALWAYS the teacher.

She is a snuggler, hand-holder and wants to sit in your lap whenever she can.  I love it!  Can’t get enough of it and hope she never outgrows it! 

We celebrated her birthday last night by taking her and Jaedyn out to eat.¬† Her choice, Swadleys!¬† Ha, it use to be Chicken Express!¬† We played some sort of clapping-cup game with the ketchup bottle to pass the time while waiting for our food.¬† We were quite the show for all those around us since Nana and Papa¬†couldn’t¬†grasp the whole thing and kept the girls laughing and saying ‚ÄėNooooo‚Äô and then repeating the game over and over again. After dinner we went to Orange Leaf for some yummy frozen yogurt.¬†¬†

It was a special time for this Nana and Papa.

She brings us such joy!

We are excited to see what new and exciting things God has in store for her this year.

We love you Rylee Beth!

Nana & Papa

A special message she left on the 
wipe off board in our toy room!
P.S. I borrowed the head shot from Michele! ¬†Thanks! ūüôā
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Happy Birthday Dee!

Today we celebrate my sister Dolores. It’s her birthday! Dee is the 3rd born in our family of 5 kids, the 2nd sister..almost the oldest..but not quite!! ¬†I won’t tell you how old she is, but she was born in ’63…you do the math!
It’s funny how when I was a kid being the oldest sister spoke power and authority, but now that we are older, it’s just a number! And a big one at that! ¬†
My sister is Mom to Kent, a Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Grandma and Friend.  She has a sweet heart and loves all those that she calls family and friends.  She is loving, kind and very independent! 

She has a dog named Willie..he’s part Golden Retriever and something else…not sure what, but it all makes for a great dog. ¬†She says he thinks he’s human, but I think he knows he’s a dog and is worried about her lack of reality! She talks to him like he’s one of her children…says he understands her every word. But in reality, we all know he hears ‘wah, wah, wah’. ¬†He has the wags of his tail and the tilt of his head down to perfect timing….makes her think he knows exactly what she is saying… Good dog, Willie!
Dee recently completed Medical Assistant school. ¬†Woot Woot! ¬†It’s been a lot of work and not always easy, but she never gave up. ¬†Most mornings Keith and I received a text reminding us to pray for her. It was always followed up with news of good ¬†test scores & higher class average. This season of her life helped her realize God does take care of her in all circumstances and she is smarter than she believes. ¬†We are so proud of her!¬†

We don’t live close, so we appreciate social media, phones calls and texts that allow us to stay in touch. We are excited to see where God takes her from here. ¬†His plans are always great!¬†

Happy Birthday Dee!
We love you so much!

Babe & Keith

P.S. Molly says to tell Willie Hi—wah wah wah!

P. P. S. I would post a picture of Dee…but who has one….crazy, but I searched and couldn’t find one. Even crazier, her Facebook photos are all of Willie!

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Friday Fav

I’ve been mulling over what this week’s Friday Fav would be and, well, there are several…..

The Father’s Day message by Pastor Herbert

The Fathers Day Tribute Video

Dinner with my family to celebrate Father’s Day and Matt & Christy’s 9th Anniversary…..

and last but most certainly not the least……

coming home last night to Keith cooking bacon for BLT’s….He looked good with a spatula in his hand and the smell of bacon frying was a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

As you can see, it’s been a good week and choosing one thing was too difficult…I enjoyed them all.

Happy Saturday’s Eve!
Enjoy your weekend!

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Going to the chapel..

Yesterday our son, Matt and his beautiful wife, Christy celebrated 9 years of marriage. I can’t believe that much time has past!
It was a beautiful ceremony in Stubblefield Chapel on the grounds of OBU where Christy was attending college.  What a gorgeous old chapel, with tons of character in the old pews, the pipe organ and the stained glass windows. There was also no air conditioning and it was mid June! However,   I don’t remember that being too much of an issue except when the Mom’s and sisters were gathered in the brides room.  Lots of warmth in there , from the heart and the heat! 
Such sweet memories of their wedding day, but even sweeter memories over these last 9 years as we have watched them build their life together.

It was a beautiful day of memory making with family and friends.

Here we are 9 years later and they have grown into a family of 4. It’s been wonderful watching them grow into this little family. Seems like only yesterday Matt was a little boy and here he is a Husband and Father. ¬†Makes my heart smile when I think about the life they are building, their humble beginning and all that is in ahead for them.¬†

Their journey has only begun and the best is yet to come!
Happy Anniversary Matt & Christy! 

We love you both so much!

Mom & Dad

AKA Winnie & Keith ¬†ūüôā

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Running Together

When you run alone, you run fast. 
But when you run together, you run far.‚ÄĚ
 Zambian Proverb

I saw this quote in a post about running.  The first thing I thought about is the scripture in Ecclesiastes 4:9-12:

Two people are better off than one, for they can help each 
other succeed. If one person falls, the other can 
reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is
in real trouble. Likewise, two people lying close 
together can keep each other warm. 
But how can one be warm alone? A person standing 
alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can 
stand back-to-back and conquer. 
Three are even better, 
for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken. 
God never intended for us to do life alone; if He had, he wouldn’t have been concerned about Adam being alone in the Garden. ¬†He specifically said it wasn’t good for man to be alone. (Genesis 2:18)

He made Adam a helper, Eve.

She was created to do life with him.

We all need that person in our life, someone we are accountable to, can cry with, laugh with and know if we fall they are there to pick us up.

I am Keith’s helpmate, I am here for him and he for me. ¬†But, I also have friends that I keep close.

For you, it may be a friend, a parent, child or a spouse. ¬†Whoever it is, it is important that you have someone you can ‘run with’.

We also need a relationship with our Creator.  He wants to walk along side us through the life he has laid before us. Our relationship with God is the foundation for our life relationships.

Community needs to be a part of your life.
Build a relationship with God and build a community of friends around you.
Find those people who will run along side you on your journey with God.

He never intended you do life alone.

I love the community that God has surrounded me with.
I love the relationships that I have built.

Running together…running far!


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Moments that make me smile

Last Friday our daughter and granddaughters spent the night, yay for faulty air conditioners! Rylee slept with Nana and Papa…yes, I was over-the-top happy about that. ¬†There is going to be a day when she is ‘too old’ to do that and I take advantage of every moment til that day arrives.

We enjoyed some hammock time, I showed them my veggie garden and we spent some time catching up.  

Jaedyn played waitress and delivered up some yummy make believe food!

It was good to chat with Michele and get caught up on wedding plans and all the things we still have to do and the little amount of time we have left! (trying not to panic)

We finished out our evening with the movie Soul Surfer…their suggestion, not ours, along with several buckets of yummy buttery popcorn. ¬†They have both seen this movie before, but Jaedyn is quite interested in the movie and Bethany’s story, so she was happy when Papa made a quick run to the video store to get it.

Saturday morning Rylee and I enjoyed some snuggle and quiet time on the couch with Molly. Molly loves when the little people visit. ¬†We talked about a lot of things and just enjoyed some time together. I was getting up to get another cup of coffee and she asked if she could have some ‘coffee’ too. ¬†We used to do this a few years ago when I was helping out with getting them to school. Made me smile!

I enjoyed the time we had together, but I have to say that my coffee time with Rylee is tucked away in my Nana Memories archives!

Blessed to be a Nana!