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One of my daily devotions in YouVersion is Rick Warren’s What on Earth Am I Here For. Clicking on that link will take you to his online daily devotion, but it is the same thing that was shared in YouVersion.
This morning some of the things I had been pondering over the last few months and weeks were addressed and my heart was encouraged.  

I’m not anxious about what God has planned, but just like everyone else, I’m curious, always wanting to know what is next. ¬†I’ve thought about Moses, Ruth, Esther and David a lot over these last few months…were they forever asking questions of God…well, yes they were. ¬†Did it hurry God’s plan…not one second! ¬†It’s His plan…and He will bring it about in his time!

What am I here for? ¬†To live each day for Him, to write blogs that encourage, to serve at my church, to worship Him daily, to love my husband and family, to do the job that he set before me…..this list goes on and on.¬†

Today I will dwell on where I am  and what I can do in this moment, on this day and not worry about what tomorrow holds.  

I may not know what tomorrow holds, but I know Who holds it! ¬†Woot Woot..yep that’s and oldie, but goodie! ¬†Had to say it.

Anyway, I thought his devotion was very good,  it encouraged me and I thought it might encourage you! 

Have a happy hump daayy!

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Friday Fav

My Friday Fav this week is this little book,¬†Capture His Heart,¬†by Lysa TerKeurst. ¬†There is a wealth of information in that little book and it has helped me understand Keith’s needs and desires. I picked it up this week to ‘refresh my memory’.¬†It relit the fire in our marriage once before. So why not read again, right? ¬†ūüėČ

It is a well read and colorfully underlined book.  It is amazing how much information and truth is in there.

I would have to say that the theme throughout the book is how important it is for me to have a right and solid relationship with God.  I had to be in right relationship with Him in order to grow my relationship with Keith.

Oh, I could tell you all about it…but, I think you should grab it and read it for yourself.

Happy Saturday’s eve!


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God Knows

God not only knows where you are; 
he knows who you are.  
He knows what¬†you’re¬†going through,¬†
and how you feel about.  
He knows you better than you know yourself. 
He cares about you personally.
~Rick Warren~

There are some days I need the gentle reminder that God knows it all already….I’m not a surprise to him…my sin is not a secret to him…my lack of faith, my frustrations and poor attitude¬†…none of this is a¬†secret to him. ¬†
He knows me by name!

He knew me before I was conceived.
Formed me in my mothers womb.
Knows my purpose.
Already has my life planned.


I am forever written on the palms of his hands! 

I would not forget you! 
See, I have written your name on 
the palms of my hands Isaiah 49: 15b,16a

He won’t forget me, ever. He will never not love me. ¬†His desire is for me to be who he created me to be. To walk in his purpose and plan.

I’m not perfect!

But, I am forgiven.

The decisions I make and attitudes I have each day are my choice.

And each day I make the choice to be a better me than I was the day before!

Jesus loves me!


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Such a Time as This‚Ķ.

If you keep quiet at a time like this, deliverance 
and relief for the Jews will arise from some 
other place, but you and your relatives will die. 
Who knows if perhaps you were made 
queen for just such a time as this?‚ÄĚ
Esther 4:14

I can’t count how many times I have posted a blog, commented on Facebook or even tweeted about this one scripture….actually more times than I care to admit. 

I have been confused about my ‚Äėsuch a time as this‚Äô.¬† In my mind it hasn‚Äôt happened, God is still working on it‚Ķputting all the pieces together.¬† I have in my head what my ‚Äėsuch a time as this‚Äô is, but this morning I realized my idea and God‚Äôs idea are different.¬† My idea?¬† Isn‚Äôt that kind of like ‚ÄėMe‚Äô‚Ķthe one who it¬†isn’t¬†about!¬†

I was reading in Esther (LOVE her) this morning and in Esther 4:14, Mordecai is suggesting that the moment she is in, talking to the¬†King to help save her people, could be her ‘such a time as this‚Äô moment. ¬†Mordecai was right, it was her ‘such a time as this’, but it probably¬†wasn’t¬†her last.¬† It was probably one of many, but this is the only one we read about.

This morning I realized that each of us have a ‚Äėsuch a time as this‚Äô moment; probably more often that we think. I am sure they happen each day, they just don’t come with the heading over them that says ‘Hey Winnie, this is your such a time as this moment’. ¬†We need to be aware of every opportunity, because if not, the ‘relief will arise from another place’. ¬†We miss the chance to be a blessing to someone.¬†

I have thought what my ‘Esther’ moment would look like; it would be huge, something that involved big (huge and ornate) wide doors opening. ¬†I would walk into this great ‚Äėsuch a time as this‚Äô moment and it would be well attended..‚Ķlots of balloons, streamers, food, music‚Ķseriously, that is what I’ve thought. ¬†I’ve¬†even gone as far as reminding God that I am not getting any younger‚ĶHe might want to make that moment happen‚Ķ…and soon. Yep, I’ve pretty much planned it out for Him.

However, this morning God revealed the truth to me‚Ķor maybe, it was more like I took my eyes off of myself and realized‚Ķthat right now, I am living in my¬†‚Äėsuch a time as this‚Äô. I am where He wants me, doing what He has planned. That each and every day I have the chance to be used by Him. Those are the moments that are really ‘such a time as this’ moments. When we stop to help someone who needs us at that moment. ¬†

So, no more huge gala dreams for this lady, instead I am going to be content with where God has me and live for each ‚Äėsuch a time as this‚Äô opportunity He offers me every day.
Being Real! 

P.S. Definitely another moment when I need to realize it’s not about me!¬†